January 14, 2020

Firstly a Happy New Year to everyone!

I’ve chosen a wedding for my first blog of 2020! This wedding took place in May last year and although the sun was not out for the first part of the day, it did finally decide to join us later on. We started the day by getting some shots of the bride & groom separately before they saw each other, in all their finery, for the first time. We had previously done a portrait shoot together, to get used to each other and to above all make them feel at ease on the big day. Being nervous on your wedding day is perfectly normal and it helps to relax if you already know your photographer!

We had the beautiful City Park in Esch, practically to ourselves and so were able to enjoy different options relatively undisturbed.

It was a day was full of laughter and lots of energy, from the bride & groom, their families and friends and although it is a few months ago already, I wish the happy couple many congratulations and a long and fulfilling life together!!


Thank you for having asked me to capture your celebration.











love, Claire


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