I was born in the UK but have been living in Luxembourg since 1995.

Photography is not my full time job, however it is my full time passion!  

My main activity is family portrait shoots, however I am also very happy to photograph christenings, communions and small weddings. 

If English is not your favourite language, not a problem as I also speak French, German & Italian! 

It is not just taking the photographs that I love, but the whole process from getting to know my clients during the portrait shoot right through to the moment when they see their images for the first time. I always hold my breath as each slideshow begins…….this is the most nerve wracking and also the most exciting part of my job as a photographer!



I work with a charity and have recently had the privilege of using my photography skills to help raise awareness for the causes we have chosen to support.



 What else...

I have a whirlwind life which gives me a wonderful work life balance.

I started practicing a Martial Art in 2016 for the first time in my life and I’m hooked!

I do hope you enjoy having a meander through the galleries on my lovely new website, as well as reading about the portrait shoot experience and taking in the feedback from my clients.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Bye for now,


Bis Bald,

A bientôt,

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