September 9, 2018

It has been a quiet summer from a Portrait Photography point of view, which has given me time to work on lots of other things.

However it did begin with an intensive week of photography at the World Hwa Rang Do Championships, which took place here in Luxembourg at the beginning of July. I’ve been on many a photography holiday over the past few years, which is intensive as far as taking images is concerned….however this was something much more intensive 🙂

Two days of championships,  four days of seminars, a full day of testing for the more senior practioners of Hwa Rang Do and to polish it off, a gala performance on stage at the theatre at the Abbaye Neumunster. With the precious help of several friends, colleagues and my lovely goddaughter, we managed to capture the event, but I also personally learnt a great deal about photographing an event such as this. You have to be constantly on your toes, watching for any interesting images. You need to not only capture the action, but also the reactions of those participating, the judges and the spectators around.

So here are just a few of my own images taken during the week, showing many of the different aspects of this amazing and very comprehensive Martial Art, which I have now been practising for just over two years! Sound interesting?  Let me know or check out the web page of the club here in Luxembourg to find out about a trial lesson! No age or fitness level barriers – I speak from experience!








love, Claire


  1. Ken Mills says:

    Ab fab images and very cool looking site… Congratulations on something wonderfully different… Best wishes and warm regards. 😄

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