November 8, 2011

On a warm & sunny afternoon in September, 4 friends took 8 children between the ages of 3 & 9 to the Parc Merveilleux here in Luxembourg. Easy you might say – 1 adult for two children – not quite so simple! Great fun was had by all, but I think I could safely say that the adults became shepherds during the afternoon & I for one was still counting sheep as I went to sleep that night! This wasn’t an official portrait session as such, but I had my camera and my new 50mm prime lens with me for some “exercise”. In between herding our sheep I managed to capture some images and the wonderful light in the park, plus the prime lens gave a lovely result. 
Avec un grand merci à tous les enfants et les parents bien-sûr!
We started with horses….

….and managed to fit in a ice cream……

….great fun was had on these huge slides….

….the girls together….. (please note the pink colour coordination!)

….new friendships were formed….
…..the odd heated discussion as to who sat where……
…..and finally a rare moment when they were all in the same
 place looking the same way…..well nearly!

love, Claire


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