February 25, 2013

  My first portrait shoot for 2013 was a complete change for me as I photographed a dog!
Toki is a 13 year old Siberian Husky. When his owner, Peppe, asked me a little while ago if I also photographed dogs, my immediate reaction was that so far no –  but I can certainly try ! The ideal conditions for photographing a husky are of course snow. Luck (combined with some serious snow dancing) was on our side and we were very fortunate to be able to go out for two snowy afternoons in January.
Toki is a sedate elderly gentleman, which facilitated the whole process. I am absolutely thrilled with the result and I know that Peppe is too – so for a first try – I think I can safely say that it was successful.
Enjoy the enclosed images!

“Grazie Mille” to Peppe and of course to the beautiful Toki – for allowing me to share a tiny part of their companionship and to capture these images.

love, Claire


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