November 14, 2011

A landscape photography post for a change, as I’ve just spent 2 fantastic weeks in Montana & Wyoming on a photography holiday with my wonderful friends from Light and Land
We travelled from Missoula in Montana, through what is known as Big Sky Country visiting ghost towns from the gold mining era in various states of disrepair, trying to imagine what life must have been like when the towns were inhabited and thriving. From there we headed towards Yellowstone National Park and its geysers. We were lucky enough to see many elk and bison, a few moose as well as a wolf and best of all a grizzly bear – a rare sight. Fortunately Scarface (yes that was his name) could neither see nor smell us, allowing us to get out of the bus and take a look, despite the fact that he was only 100 yards away! 
The last part of the journey was through Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, where we photographed majestic mountain ranges, lakes and aspens galore.
Here are some of my favourite images – further images will be (in the near future!) on my website under the Landscape Gallery. An inspiring part of the world to photograph, far away from anything we experience here in Central Europe, with a touch of the cowboy spirit, magical light and plenty of pancakes, bacon & eggs to keep us going! With many thanks to my travelling companions for an entertaining two weeks and to David Ward for his kind assistance, inspiration & ever infectious sense of humour !

love, Claire


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