November 6, 2013

Images today from a portrait shoot that took place at the end of March near Virton in Belgium. I didn’t know the area and therefore discovered the places for the portrait session as we went along. We started off in the grounds of a small château and were even allowed inside to briefly do some shots. As I don’t use flash, I relied on the natural light coming in through one of the windows. The tables were all set up for a celebration – which provided a lovely background for the images too!
We then went off into the woods where we able to use a small chapel and another outbuilding to capture some more images. Despite the cold weather, we managed to add to the variety of images, by changing coats, hats, scarves etc. I particularly like the shots outside of the chapel with the lovely orange coat. 
We ended with a shot of the family walking towards me, something I like to do as it provides a group image but with movement. A black & white version of this image has been a big success with the family. 
Merci beaucoup à tous les 4 (ou devrait je dire 5!). 

love, Claire


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