July 30, 2012

What a difference a year makes ! I photographed Eléonore on her 2nd birthday last year and was delighted to be asked by her mum Sarah, to repeat the experience for her 3rd birthday. Not only has Eléonore grown, but she is talking at nineteen to the dozen! We started the portrait session off on a walk through some fields and then headed to a small playground after Eléonore’s disappointment at not seeing any swings and slides in the fields! From the playground we headed indoors to the local shopping centre, which is full of light but free of people on a Sunday. Lots of fun was had running up and down the escalators, before we returned home for a quick sleep and then some birthday cake. The day ended on a session of jumping on the bed, which caused great excitement and myrth. A very varied portrait session, which resulted in a wide selection of images which I am very pleased with. Great fun was had by all! Merci à Eléonore et à Sarah!

love, Claire


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