July 13, 2011

Birthdays are always special, but for Eléonore her 2nd birthday marked the end of a sad and difficult year for both her and her mother Sarah. Eléonore’s father, Lodewijk, tragically lost his life in a cycling accident last year, just days after Eléonore’s1st birthday. When Sarah asked me to help her mark this special birthday by taking Eléonore’s portrait, I was very touched. We spent a lovely afternoon in the park, where Eléonore was able to enjoy the swings, slides, sand, balloons, bubbles and birthday cake! Eléonore is a sunny and communicative little girl & I was able to capture lots of different facets of her character. Lodewijk may not be with us anymore, but he is never very far away. He is very much there in that wonderfully mischevious twinkle in Eléonore’s eye. Avec un gros bisous pour Sarah & Eléonore et une pensée très fort pour Lodewijk.

love, Claire


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