May 7, 2014

Once again I’m a little behind in my blog posts – but that means that there will be a few more posts over  the next weeks as I catch up! Alyssa & Jonathan kindly accepted to take part in a portrait shoot for me in the summer last year. I photograph a lot of families, but not so many adults on their own. So I was delighted when my request for volunteers was answered, thanks to Alyssa’s Mum! The shoot took place on a very hot  & bright August day. We started off with a walk into the nearby forest, passing through a tunnel full of colourful graffiti on the way there.  After a change of clothes we then headed to the Philharmonie, which is quickly becoming a favourite of mine for portrait sessions. As always, it takes a little time for everybody to relax into the portrait session, but once that was done we spent a fun few hours capturing this lovely couple!
Merci beaucoup Alyssa, Jonathan & bien-sûr Rosanna!

love, Claire


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