June 3, 2019

As you may have seen from previous posts, I have been practising the Martial Art, Hwa Rang Do, for nearly 3 years now. Earlier this year I was given the opportunity to take some images to be used in an article published by Budo Magazine, with the title, “A Week in the Life of Hwa Rang Do Club Luxembourg”. During one week I went to class armed with my cameras and tripod with the aim of capturing how the classes are run, the different elements of this very complete Martial Art as well as the interaction and teaching of Grandmaster Taejoon Lee, who is currently residing and teaching in Luxembourg. The images that I have posted today show the warm-up, sparring, weapon forms, open hand forms, grappling and weapon fighting. This was a new experience for me from a lighting point of view as there was little natural light in most of the places where the classes take place. It turned out to be a intensive course in flash photography 🙂


With my thanks to Grandmaster Taejoon Lee for giving me this opportunity!


Hopefully the below images will raise your curiosity about Hwa Rang Do! If so, please feel free to come and join a trial class – all information can be found on the following website. Any questions, please let me know!







love, Claire


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